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Dates for the GeniusReport
Online User Training

Next Training Cycles, 4 evenings, each Wednesday:

from 7pm to 8:30pm (CET)

Wed November 09th 2022
Wed November 16th 2022
Wed November 23rd 2022
Wed November 30th 2022

from 7pm to 8:30pm (CET)

New dates in planning for January 2023



per person

EUR 360,-

(incl. 20% VAT.) per person


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Your learnings:

What the GeniusReport is.

How you can unfold your uniqueness and your talents in an authentic way.

How you can use your Genius for your professional development.

Hi, I am Anca!

Passionate life coach with plenty of experience

I have been working with the GeniusReport for many years and I always find it fascinating how much individuality there is in each one of us. To work out your genius and your uniqueness and to encourage you on your path or to show you new ways is the goal of our joint work with the Genius Report.

Learn more about me!

What is the GeniusReport?

The GeniusReport is an unusual analysis of your talents, potentials and personality. It is based exclusively on your exact birth date. Unbelievable? Yes, maybe it is, but test your very own „GeniusReport Compact“ at no charge If you then come to the conclusion that it is surprisingly accurate, you can download your detailed GeniusReport at Because you most certainly will want to dive deeper and the compact version is only a small excerpt after all. You will find the full GeniusReport here:

The GeniusReport was developed by an expert team in the course of 8 years. It is based on the assumption that our cosmos is a matrix formed of mathematical structures. The structure of this matrix is based on the principle of synchronicity and fractal orders. Something that was already known by many ancient cultures and that is being re-discovered with all its far-reaching consequences today. The five-thousand-year-old I-Ching, for instance, is an essential component of the method used for the creation of your GeniusReport. The binary structure of the I-Ging is identical to our DNA structure – and thus the basic element of all life.

Once you know your strengths better and you are aware of what differentiates you from others, you can make better decisions. Because the quality of any decision depends on your level of information. And the GeniusReport can certainly give you more awareness and therefore self-confidence in this regard. It will give you more clarity if you want to develop or reposition yourself professionally. Or if you are looking for employees for your company. It is also an excellent tool for recruiting and personnel development.

  • The approach behind the development of the GeniusReport
  • Meaning of the GR for the understanding of Personality
  • The 5 Basic Types and their personality traits
  • The 9 Force Field Aspects
  • The 60 Specializations and the promotion of individual potentials
  • The 9 Team Types and the composition of teams
  • The Powerbase and its practical application
  • Personality Traits and Potentials (pages 9 & 10 of the GR)
  • Interpretation of the GR for oneself and others
  • Case studies from practice

5 Training Sessions:

  • 1 LIVE KICKOFF EVENT – free of charge) via youtube and facebook
  • Followed by 4 Training Sessions (zoom) with homework and exercises
  • Online sessions will be recorded and handed to you (for your reference and if you miss a session)
  • Incl. presentation material, and additional documents for download
  • The online training will be held in small groups – 8 to 10 people per training
  • Optional: Certification Session and listing as GeniusCoach on the GeniusReport Website (180,- EUR incl. VAT)
  • Download your own GeniusReport (

  • Study the User-Manual and watch the Tutorial Videos on the GeniusReport website  ( 

  • Watch my videos regarding the 9 aspects of the Genius Force Field
  • Fee:

    per participant:
    EUR 360,-
    (incl. 20% Austrian VAT)

    Payable after registration and before the first session by bank transfer or paypal. Your place in the training is secured and reserved only after receipt of payment.

    Your Trainer:

    Anca Weyer

    Coach and trainer with focus on career coaching
    and resilience counseling

    Registration and further questions:
    Anca Weyer